Oil & Gas Production Capabilities

  • Ball Valve Bodies / End Connectors / Seats / Stems / Bearing Retainers
  • Gate Valve Bodies / Gate Guides / Stems / Stem Extensions
  • BOP Manifold Housings / Stems / Guide Rings / Packing Glands / Bonnets
  • Cement / Pumping / Frac / Wireline / Data Truck Bodies & Frames
  • Safety Relief Valve Bodies / Pin Guides / Adjusting Screws / Compression Screws / Shear Pins
  • Drilling Tongs Bodies & Arms / Leveling Rings / Cylinder Housings / Counter Weights / Transport Frames

FabCorp prides itself in providing years of valuable experience and extensive know-how to our oil and gas equipment customers. From shear pins or adjusting screws for safety relief valves to fabricated complete machine drilling tong bodies, we do it all. Either from our world class machine shop or made-to-print fabrications, FabCorp has been a proven lead of a variety of components to the oil and gas market.

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